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I am an American newspaper copy editor living in North Carolina after three years in Tokyo, Japan. I am also a writer for the Americana music blog

I moved to Tokyo in September 2004, after a lifetime of living under the Mason-Dixon line. I was raised in Marietta, Ga., and now have moved back to the Land of My People. And Waffle House.

I attended college at Furman University in Greenville, S.C., where I earned a degree in English and learned to contradance. After graduation, I began my journalism career in Anderson, S.C., later moving to Washington, D.C.

I enjoy listening to and learning about Americana and bluegrass music, playing my guitar (and sometimes my viola, mandolin or dulcimer), reading books, obsessing guiltily over celebrities, blogging, cooking (though I'm bad at it), beating my husband, free money, drinking beer, playing "Star Wars" video games, singing in the car and writing, on the rare occasions when I'm struck with a good idea.

I do not enjoy spotty bananas, mushrooms of any sort, bigots, Dr. Phil, the "Family Circus" comic, people who talk through live music shows, thinking about high school, noodly jazz, kidney stones, feeling guilty that I don't do more writing, wine, being embarrassed, wars based on lies, too-large T-shirts and cats.

Thanks for stopping by "Nuggets of Gold." I hope you enjoy my ramblings as much as I enjoy rambling them.