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July 03, 2010


amy boyd

Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you all and hoping that the pediatrician can figure out what's going on with little Nora!

Kathy Chandler

Back in the day, we used to call this a "nursing strike" it usually resolves itself in a few days, providing there isn't an underlying cause such as an ear infection or a fungal infection in her mouth, or sore gums from teething. Sometime a striker will accept milk from a cup, a spoon, or an eyedropper while busy resolving whatever "issues" are driving the strike. They seem to happen at around 3 months and possibly again at around eight months. I can remember my mother taking a screaming Geoffrey from a weeping me and saying "Just give me that baby for an hour. You go take a warm bath!"

amy boyd

Stacy - I'm sure your doctor has probably already mentioned this, but on the rare chance that he hasn't...have you taken all dairy out of your diet? I had to do that a few weeks ago b/c Claire had painful gas. This past Sunday I used my first stored breastmilk from April to feed her rice cereal. I wasn't even thinking that the stored milk was from when I was still eating dairy. Yesterday evening she screamed for a straight hour and a half without letting out hardly any gas. Apparently the dairy filled milk was really hurting going thru her system...she was hungry, but turned her head away from my breast (she has always been willing to eat so this was a surprise to me). She refused to eat until the pain had passed. Later in the evening, she passed some gas. I know this pales in comparison to what you're going thru, but your situation came to mind when Claire refused to eat 3 times. I hope the solution is as simple as taking dairy out of your diet. Please keep us updated. We're thinking about you!


Stacy- Please don't worry about complaining about Nora. Everyone knows how much you two love her. Frustration definitely happens and it is better to let it out than keep it in. Just think how much better you feel when you beat Geoffrey up =). I'm sure he doesn't mind about that.

I'm sure you already tried this suggestion, but have you used faster flow bottle nipples or different bottles? Anyway, I truly hope things get better for you and when I get back in town, I'll definitely watch Nora so that you and Geoffrey can go out to dinner.


I know I feel guilty complaining about my baby, too, considering how some people struggle and struggle to have kids, and some people tragically lose their children. But it's completely human to not be happy all the time.
I hope the doctor can help you and Nora solve the problems. We had a rough feeding start, too. I had hardly any supply, so we were both frustrated and the baby never latched right even after I sought the help of three lactation consultants who said everything looked "fine." So after two months of exclusively pumping, we switched to formula and we've both been happy ever since. I hope you can work things out, but no matter how you end up feeding your baby, know that a happy, relaxed mama is the best gift you can give both of you. Sending you hugs!


I can't offer any advice, but I can tell you that you have every right to complain. That sounds completely crazy-making. Giving the baby bottle or boob is supposed to be the thing that calms them, and if I hadn't had that, things would have been really really stressful. I'm sure it will resolve, and that she won't starve to death, but that doesn't help much in the moment.


Ditto Stephanie's post - with BOTH girls. Felt really guilty about it, too, until my husband (who was adopted) said, "I didn't have a drop of breast milk, and I think I turned out alright."

The mother's stress of feeding rubs off on the baby - I was much happier going to formula route (after weeks of agony), and the girls were, too.

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