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August 17, 2010


amy boyd

I'm glad you are so honest. Being a SAHM (I abhor the acronym too!) IS hard. I'm one b/c I am still unemployed. Some days it's overwhelming. Some days it's hard to appreciate all the time with Claire and joy of raising her b/c of the constant care and contact with her. There is no real break from the childcare. It turns parenting into a chore. I'm still trying to make it "my job" and do the best that I can. I'm just now (Claire is just shy of 6 months old) beginning to get a routine and schedule in the works for "my job". Finally, I'm mentally getting myself into this new job (instead of just winging it) and I love it. Good luck with your "new job"! :)


Thanks, Amy! It's good to hear that maybe after a while I can get used to this "new job," and hopefully come to love it like you do. I'm trying to be patient and hang in there, but patience isn't my strong suit. :)

Veronica taylor

Great post! :)

amy boyd

Stacy, my whole life my motto was "patience is a virtue and I ain't got it!" Since I got pregnant (and the nausea kicked in), I haven't had much of a chance to *not* be patient. I have a tremendous amount of patience now compared to any other moment in my life. I just take one day at a time...the way Claire wants to because if she's happy, I'm happy. :) We should get together some time to catch up, introduce our little girls, and complain. ;)


I love your honesty, too. I'm sorry you weren't given the choice.
The three months I spent at home with my new baby were the most exhausting and frustrating of my life. I love my baby to no end, and I hate taking him to day care, but I enjoy going to work, too (although I wish I worked 3 days a week instead of 5, but that's not an option).
I hold SAHMs in the highest regard. That IS the toughest job in the world because you never get a break. Even though I never have energy or time to clean my house before or after work ... or grocery shop ... or sleep, it's still not as hard as staying at home and not having time or energy to do those things!

Veronica taylor

I like Stephanie's comment. Not only is being a SAHM hard, not having a support system makes everything almost impossible. Stephanie summed it up best when she said " never get a break".

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I like Stephanie's remark. Not just is can't help being a SAHM hard, not having a backing framework makes all things essentially improbable. Stephanie summed it like a pro ideal when she declared " never get a break".


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