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April 11, 2011



One year ago, could you even imagine this day? That little girl's amazing.


You know you really should post warnings on your posts!!! What a beautiful letter to a beautiful little girl!!! So happy that Nora is such a healthy and happy little girl!! Wishing her (and you) many more firsts and birthdays!

amy boyd

Awe! That had me tearing up! We're so proud of you too, Nora! :)


Okay. Nana cried. Big surprise. Nora, you are a delight. And apparently, a much faster moving delight. Murray has his work cut out for him!


I'm 3 months behind, but let's pretend this is still April. 1 year ago today, we cried and prayed for you guys. So fearful of the unknown and feeling helpless as Murray kissed our tears away! This year we had tears again, but the kind. Nora is precious and it's our privilage to watch her grow, crawl, walk and blow kisses! And master those bye bye greetings. Many happy returns dear Nora!

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That cupcake pic is a really good shot.

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